How to Win at Heads-Up Poker

Heads-Up Game

I received emails from poker players asking for advice on how to play heads-up. They are frustrated to finish in second place, when the biggest money is in first place.

I really enjoy playing heads-up more than any other form of poker. The reason is that the game is more about the saying “play with the player, not with the cards”. Of course, one of the bonuses of the online game is that you don’t have to worry about collusion ๐Ÿ™‚

How to Win Heads-Up

Let me give you some advice on how to play heads-up. Be warned that this is my perspective, and you will certainly have differences of opinion. The most important strategy is to learn your opponent’s playing style, usually by observing your betting patterns, and adjust your play to that style.

1. Find out how your opponent plays heads-up BandarQQ Online, preflop in position.

When your opponent acts first preflop, you will receive a signal about your playing style. In general, there are “always increases”, “I increase based on the strength of my hand” and “bender”.

an. The folder
A player who folds before the flop in position is not going to win very often. He will give up a lot of chips. I don’t care if you have 7-2 offsuit, don’t give up!

If you are facing this opponent, your life will be easier than ever, as you will receive a lot of money for free.

B. I raise based on the strength of my hand
It is so good to play against this player, as he plays as if he is at a full table. If he raises, you know he has a hand. What you need to do is evaluate how often this occurs. If that rarely happens, then he is playing very conservatively. In fact, against this type of player, a fold out of position against your raise is almost always the right move.

However, if he raises more often than the cards would naturally dictate, then you have an opponent who will have to play better after the flop. We will review how to play against him later.

รง. What always increases
This player is difficult to defeat, as it is impossible to put him in one hand. And if you re-raise, he will often call you once he is in position.

If you always play against the raiser, you will be put to the test. Lift it up again and see if it is a folder or not. If he gives up, well, his life will be easier. If not, you will have a challenge from the flop. More on that later.

2. Pre-flop out of position
When you are out of position in heads-up, you are at a disadvantage. In general, you don’t want to raise or re-raise without a premium hand. The reason is that you will often lose a lot of chips when you miss the flop.

You win A-J. Your opponent is a tough player and raises more often than you would expect to get premium hands. He lifts you up. What should you do?

Do not increase again! You are putting more chips in the pot out of position. What will you do when he calls and the flop is K-7-2? Bet and lose more chips? Just call.

Of course, if you never raised out of position again, you can do so. And if you are against the constant raiser, you can also raise again. But be inclined to call instead of raising against tough opponents.

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